My personal comment, Uncle Chris

Having always taken an interest in space and its mystery, I grew up a sky watcher. The night sky was my friend, and I took great pleasure in watching the celestial antics of the heavens. Shooting stars are something that most people may never see in their lifetime, and even if they do, it could last a fraction of a second and then it would be gone. Having my eyes to the sky I was lucky enough to see many falling stars over many years. I have seen them large and small, from all directions, but, every now and then, there is the King of all falling stars, the breath of the dragon, the one falling star that starts from one end of the sky and stretches to the other. You can even hear a whooshing sound as it goes by, and the fire from it lights everything in the night so that it becomes day for just a second or two. That is a true pleasure to see, and is very rare.
That is what Ryan was to me, one of those rare falling stars that passed through my life and left a huge impression on me. He called me "Uncle Chris" for all the years he could speak. I took for granted what a special falling star he was and how much of that light he shed on others.
He was as kind and generous as the day is long, and he gave everything he had to all those he knew. He was a special person who brought joy and wonder to those who knew him. He loved guitar music and became quite good at playing one. He also loved to draw, and I have a few drawings that he was kind enough to leave for me to remember him by.
I have no doubt that he will shine on in my memory and the memory of others who adored him. I also have no doubt that, had he continued to shine, he would have shone bigger than life, for all to see.
Unfortunately, his life was cut short in an accident that was as fleeting as a falling star, and in an instant, he was gone.
I can't explain in words what he meant to me, but each day I struggle to understand what sense this makes, and how I can stand to go on without the light he shined on my life. There is only memory now, and I want to keep his memory alive. His passing left a huge hole in many hearts, but we must try to overcome the loneliness he left with us and accept that we were fortunate to have known such a fascinating person and be a part of his life.

Uncle Chris

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